Version 2.012

New Version update!

Download the play package here.

Attacking now causes a cooldown relative to the distance of the unit being attacked. Cooldown is .5 * [distance to target], rounded down to the nearest whole number. This somewhat weakens turtling strats that utilize a single long range “sniper tower.” While still powerful, sniper towers will now incur longer cooldowns when striking from afar. This balance was needed after the change to movement causing longer cooldowns.

Units with more than 3 scan modules and no other modules (“Scan towers”) now have a different scan animation optimized for highest speed settings.

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Version 2.011

Please download the latest beta release: v2.011

This version is BLAZING FAST at top speed!

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Beta Version 2.01

Please enjoy the beta copy of version 2.01

Download here.

Implemented changes:

  • Vastly simplified player scripts and functions. Please see the new sample player scripts to see how new scripts and functions will be coded. The wiki will be updated when the new version goes live.
  • New player functions FindNearest(Type) and GetTravelDirection(target) makes basic AI much easier for beginners!
  • Mineral naming format more consistent
  • Module limit increased from 4 to 6
  • Movement now increases cooldown of a unit by 5. This cooldown is reduced by 1 for each movement module the unit has.
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Coming Soon: Version 2.0!

Version 2.0 will be released within the next week with some awesome new changes including:

  • function module limit for new units increased from 4 to 6!
  • vastly simplified player scripts and game functions
  • new function module: Artillery! Artillery attacks have double range, double damage, target a board space instead of a unit, can cause friendly fire, and increase the cooldown of the firing unit by .5 for every space the projectile travels
  • Hit point modules now increase a unit’s hit points by 2 each instead of 1
  • Moving now increases the cooldown of a unit by 7. Additional movement modules decrease this cooldown cost by 1 each
  • improved GUI game board
  • new unique commander appearance and unique commander death animation
  • improved stalemate check
  • improved winner announcement message

Keep checking back for updates and the announcement of Season 2!

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Season 1 Ends

Please submit your script for general competition on the ladder. Season 2 will be announced in the future.

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Cash Prize! Season 1 Ends Tonight!

Submit your script tonight to compete for Season 1’s competition. First place gets $15 through paypal!

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New Easy Quick Start Guide for new players!

Read the new Quick Start Guide! It is an all new, more succinct guide for new players with screenshots and tips for getting your player script started. The old “Beginner’s Guide” on the wiki has been renamed “Overview Guide.”

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