Version 1.03 Released

Please update your game client and sample player scripts!

Game Files

Version notes:
The AA.ahk file is now combined with the main game client file!

Players now reference their variables directly by their player name. See the Variables wiki page for examples.

Units are now named with their player’s name instead of number. Old way: 1_1_1 – new way playername_1_1.

Player colors are easier to distinguish and units are more colorful.

Stats now reset after games and “total” stats added to GUI that track stats across all games.

Added a large semi-transparent effect announcing game winner over the GUI that stays for 8 seconds. eliminated the “Progress” section of the GUI for now.

Please report bugs you find on the forum topic or on the wiki Known Bugs page! Thanks to Carcophan, tidbit, and Cameron for their help with this release.

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