Coming Soon: Version 2.0!

Version 2.0 will be released within the next week with some awesome new changes including:

  • function module limit for new units increased from 4 to 6!
  • vastly simplified player scripts and game functions
  • new function module: Artillery! Artillery attacks have double range, double damage, target a board space instead of a unit, can cause friendly fire, and increase the cooldown of the firing unit by .5 for every space the projectile travels
  • Hit point modules now increase a unit’s hit points by 2 each instead of 1
  • Moving now increases the cooldown of a unit by 7. Additional movement modules decrease this cooldown cost by 1 each
  • improved GUI game board
  • new unique commander appearance and unique commander death animation
  • improved stalemate check
  • improved winner announcement message

Keep checking back for updates and the announcement of Season 2!

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